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De producten van ANC Access zorgen voor een veilige, efficiënte en betrouwbare manier om uw belangrijkste asset, uw mensen en de goederen vertikaal te verplaatsen.

ANC Access Producten

De ANC Access oplossingen zijn te verdelen in 6 groepen, Personen & goederenliften, Common tower solutions, goederenliften, industriële liften, transportplatformen en hefsteigers


Personen & Goederen liften

Volwaardige personen-goederenliften met gesloten en open cabines voor een veilig transport van personen en goederen tot op grote hoogte. Ideaal voortijdens de bouw, industriële toepassing, nieuwbouw en renovatie en beschikbaar vanaf 6 personen/500 kg tot 36 personen/3200 kg.

ANC platforms & hoists heeft diverse merken in haar verhuurvloot waaronder Alimak Hek en Stross maar de meeste liften zijn van RAXTAR ons eigen merk liften waarvan we de exclusieve dealer zijn in de Benelux.



Like all other RAXTAR solutions, the development of the RAXTAR material hoists is based on real life hands-on experience combined with innovative technologies. In fact, for the development of the RAXTAR material hoist, RAXTAR joined forces with two large Dutch general contractors in order to combine the companies' best practises on maintaining, operating and using material hoists. The partnership resulted in a robust, low maintenance, highly reliable and safe material hoist, that is widely used amongst others by the general contractors them self. 


Transport Platform

RAXTAR transport platforms provide a flexible approach to the vertical transport of both personnel and materials at lower to medium height construction projects, renovations and maintenance of buildings or industrial plants. Built on the same principles as the RAXTAR construction hoist family, RAXTAR transport platforms are the appropriate solution for the supply of large sized materials and tools, like glass panels, palletized materials, scaffolding, mini loaders, etc.


Industriële liften

RAXTAR industrial hoists are designed for a broad variety of applications, based on the same principal purpose: providing safe and reliable access to one or more industrial core processes.

Permanent or temporary
Since your production process is critical and often (semi-)continuous, minimizing downtime is crucial.
A permanent lift significantly shortens logistics and maintenance lead-times while contributing to safety and care for your people and materials at the same time.
Temporary (rental) industrial elevators offer a perfect vertical access solution to support construction processes of new buildings and installations or to reduce duration of plant maintenance shutdowns.
Robust and reliable
RAXTAR’s industrial lifts all comply with our high-end standards with regard to robustness, safety and long lifetime in often challenging and demanding environments
Our access solutions are being used in industries like power plants, petrochemical installations, oil refineries, steel factories, asphalt works, concrete mixers, oil rigs, port cranes, etc.
Solutions range
RAXTAR hoists are available with car lengths of 1,50 m to 4,50 m (5' to 14’-9”), lifting speeds of 24 to 92 m/min (80 to 345 ft/min) and pay loads of 400 to 3600 kg (880 to 8000 lbs).

Download our 'Industrial brochure' / download our 'Industrial Tabel' or contact RAXTAR for more information!


Common Tower Solutions

Speciaal ontwikkeld voor de hoogste gebouwen !




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